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Some Ancestors and Relatives of Howard Gary Dean POOLE

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1. [Unknown] POOLE m. [Unknown]

1A. William Thomas POOLE b. 8-Mar-1805 in KY; d. 19-Aug-1871 in Beatrice, Gage, NE; m. 16-Mar-1825 to Delilah BROWN? b. 15-Feb-1807 in KY; d. 28-Mar-1883 in Canyonville, OR.


1AA. John POOLE b. aft 1825.

1AB. William POOLE b. abt 1826.

1AC. Elizabeth Jane POOLE b. abt 1830 in IL; d. in Holt Co, MO; m. Jeremiah Vardeman GARRETT.

1AD. Martha Melinda POOLE b. 3-Aug-1835 in Schuyler Co., IL; m. James Swift PICKET. ( the distance between dates here would indicate that there probably were other children born between Martha and William )

+1AE. Napoleon Bonapart POOLE b. 7-Mar-1838 in Schuyler Co., IL; d. 20-Aug-1918 in Canyonville, OR; m. 22-Jan-1857 in Centerville, IA to Saraphine CARDWELL b. 29-Oct-1844 in White Co, TN; d. 10-Sep-1916 in Days Creek, OR. One of the obituaries for Napoleon, says he was from Ohio.


1AEA. William Bosier POOLE b. 9-Dec-1859 near Ashland, OR; d. abt 1945 in San Diego, CA; m. Augusta D. MAYER.


1AEAA. Clarence Albert POOLE b. 11-Mar-1897; d. 2-Jun-1958 in Hayward, CA; m. Florence BENTLEY abt 1918 in Spokane, WA.

1AEB. James Washington POOLE b. 21-Dec-1860 in Canyonville, OR; d. Lakeview, OR; m. to Florence Effie SAMPSON b. 9-Apr-1876 in Visalia, CA.


1AEBA. James Ralph POOLE b. 12-Sep-1911 in Adell, OR; d. in Lakeview, OR; m. 25-Nov-1934 to Lola May BENEFIELD.


1AEBAA. Ralph A. POOLE b. 16-Mar-1936.

1AEBAB. Arley R. POOLE b. 9-Jul-1938.

1AEBAC. James Carlon POOLE b. 5-Nov-1939.

1AEBB. Franklin William POOLE b. 15-Jun-1912 in Lakeview, OR; m. 21 Feb 1948 in Winnemucca, NV to Lenora June PARKER b. 17-May-1928 in Burns, OR.


1AEBBA. Zella Irene POOLE b. 16-Dec-1948 in Elko, NV.

1AEBBB. Frances Louise POOLE b. 1-Mar-1953 in Elko, NV.

1AEBC. Stella POOLE m. bet 1932-1934 to [Unknown] THOMPSON.



1AF. Mary? "Polly" POOLE.

1AG. James Allen POOLE b. abt 1848; m. Mary Jane JONES.

1AH. Charlotte Temple POOLE.

1AJ. Nellie? POOLE.

1AEC. Julius Lincoln POOLE b. 8-Apr-1862 in Canyonville, OR; d. 21-Apr-1949 in Canyonville, OR; m. 14-Aug-1891 in Colville, WA to Annie SAMPSON.


1AECA. Albert Vernon POOLE b. 16-Nov-1893 in Kettle Falls, WA; d. abt 1951 in Burbank, CA; m. 5-Dec-1919 in Bend, OR to Violet HOWARD b. 1-May-1903 in Roseburg, OR.


1AECAA. Uma Violet POOLE b. 5-Jun-1920 in Bend, OR.

1AECAB. Ida May POOLE b. 13-Sep-1922 in LaPine, OR.

1AECAC. Howard Gary Dean POOLE b. 25-Aug-1924 in Bend, OR.

1AECB. Bessie POOLE b. 9-Jun-1895 in Colville, WA; m. abt 1907 Winter KNIGHT.


Agnes KNIGHT b. 7-Mar-1908 Selma, OR

Waldo KNIGHT b. 22-Oct-1909 Grants Pass, OR.

Note: Bessie had other husbands and other children

1AECC. Alice POOLE m. Norman WIMER.

1AED. Albert Joshua POOLE b. 10-Oct-1863 in Santa Cruz, CA; d. 12-May-1955 in St Maries, ID; m. 31-May-1908 in White Bird, ID to Elsie Myrtle SMEAD b. 16-Aug-1867 in Rawhide Creek, WY.


1AEDA. Sarah Delora POOLE b. 28-Jun-1910 in Whitebird, ID.

1AEDB. Desda Rowena POOLE b. 8-Nov-1911 in Cottonwood, ID.

1AEDC. Alies Bond POOLE b. 5-Mar-1914 in Cottonwood, ID.

1AEDD. Vernon Napoleon POOLE b. 17-Aug-1917 in Cedarville, CA.

1AEDE. Albert Joshway POOLE b. 16-Sep-1922 in Fallon, NV; d. abt Nov-1971 Canada.

1AEDF. John Joshua POOLE b. 24-Apr-1926 in Culdesac, ID; d. bet 1962-1963 in Seattle, WA.

1AEDG. Ruth Moretta POOLE b. 17-Mar-1930 in Culdesac, ID.

1AEDH. William Bernard POOLE b. 19-Sep-1934 in St. Maries, ID; d. 14-Feb-1972 near Roseburg, OR.

1AEE. John Woodrum POOLE b. 8-Apr-1865 in Canyonville, OR; d. in Portland, OR; m. 27-Jul-1890 in Canyonville, Or to Ann BEHEN b. abt 1874 in Crawford, IN.




1AEEC. Bessie POOLE.


1AEEE. John Woodrum POOLE.

1AEF. Desdamonia POOLE b. 10-Oct-1866 in Canyonville, OR; d. abt 1930 in Dinuba, CA; m. John L. BURNETT abt 1921.

1AEG. Andrew Thomas POOLE b. 10-Aug-1868 in Canyonville, OR; d. 11-Oct-1930 in Reno, NV; m. 4-Jan-1889 in Douglas Co, OR to Amanda RUSSELL b. abt 1871; d. in Eagle Point, OR.


1AEGA. Elza A. POOLE b. abt 1890.

1AEGB. Violet POOLE.

1AEGC. Minnie POOLE.

1AEH. Vernon Napoleon POOLE b.19-Feb-1871 in Canyonville, OR; d. 16-Oct-1938 in Days Creek, OR; m. 30-Jun-1898 to Margaret Elsie TIEDEMAN b. 9-Jun-1872 in Crawford Co, KS; d. 1-Aug-1965 in Roseburg, OR.


1AEHA. Volner Ernest "Jack" POOLE.

1AEHB. Ira Blair POOLE b. 19-Jun-1899 in Oreana, ID; d. 18-Apr-1973 in Canyonville, OR; m. 4-Mar-1921 to Eva Eleanor HAMLIN.


1AEHBA. Helen Jean POOLE.

1AEHC. Walter Vernon POOLE b. 6-Jun-1901 in Oreana, ID; d. 20-Apr-1980 in Eugene, Lane Co, OR;

m. 1st 20-Jul-1920 to Alice Ermina Catherine BALLOU.


1AEHCA. Edna Mae POOLE b. 27-Mar-1924.

m. 2nd 7-July-1931 to Sadie RIGGIN in Reno, NV.


1AEHCB. Arline Yvonne POOLE.

1AEHD. Delbert Napoleon POOLE b. 27-Nov-1904 in Oreana, ID; m. 13-June-1931 to Alice Ermina BALLOU.

1AEHE. Leslie Andrew POOLE b. 19-Mar-1913 in Canyonville, OR; m. 20-Dec-1957 in Eureka, CA to Edith M. WALTERMIRE b. 9-Dec-1911 in Medford, OR.

1AEJ. Umatilla POOLE b. 25-Dec-1876 in Canyonville, OR; d. 12-Jan-1914; m. 6-Aug-1902 in Douglas Co, OR to John Frederic BONEBREAK b. 30-Apr-1879 in Douglas Co, OR; d. 24-Jun-1959 in Roseburg, OR.


1AEJA. Uma Lorene BONEBREAK b. abt 1904.



1B. James Richard POOLE b. abt 1819 in Clark CO., IN; d. 28-Oct-1868 in Santa Cruz, CA.

James was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Buffum. He left from Independence, MO in 1845 with a wagon train captained by Joel Palmer for Jackson County, OR. This train combined with that of the Barlow party and was the one which opened the famous "Barlow Trail".

As near as I can find from little bits of information here and there, James Richard POOLE was a brother of William Thomas POOLE. There is a reference to him in the Jacksonville, OR museum as being the uncle of Martha Melinda POOLE, William Thomas POOLE's 4th child.

James Richard POOLE and his partner, James CLUGGAGE, were running a "Jack Ass Freight" business between Portland, OR and the mines in California in January of 1852 and stopped for the night in an area that is now within the corporate limits of Jacksonville, OR. They made the original gold strike there the next morning. There is a small monument to them a couple of blocks south of the center of town.