Not all researchers of this line believe that William "The Joyner" Poole married twice. Some of the researchers believe that the second marriage shown here to Elizabeth Watson is wrong. They believe that Elizabeth Watson married William "The Joyner's" son, William. See Audrey Pool's abbreviated descendant report for an alternate point of view and a branch of the Poole line not listed here.


1. William "The Joyner" POOLE, Sr. was born about 1703 in Prince George County, VA. He signed a will about 1772 in Mecklenburg County, VA. William's will, dated 1772, was recorded November 10, 1777 in Mecklenburg County (Will Book I, page 241). He died before Nov 1777 in Mecklenburg County, VA. Lewis Parham, Reuben Morgan, and James Taylor recorded the inventory and appraisal of the estate of William Poole on March 8, 1779. The value of the estate was listed as 338 pounds, 15 shillings, and 6 pence (Will Book I, page 289). William was both a carpenter and a 'joyner'. Early, there was a difference between the two. Carpenters generally did the rough construction of a building: the framing, flooring, and roofing. The 'joyners' made the window sashes, paneling or wainscoting, the window and door moldings, and finished the stairs. The Pool(e) and the Pettipool(e) families both lived in the same vicinity. By 1811, it appears that there were only members of the Pettipool(e)'s remaining, the Pool(e) families had all migrated elsewhere.

1720 - The area where William Poole, "Joyner," lived became Brunswick County, it was previously part of Prince George County. It remained unorganized until 1732.

1732 - On May 2, 1732 the first court of Brunswick County was held.

1733 - The January 4, 1733/4 Court records show that William was paid for building the County Clerk's office in Brunswick County, Virginia. William also won a lawsuit against John Wall the administrator of Thomas Godwyn's estate for 1 pound, 15 shillings, 5 pence. In 1733, Brunswick County, VA. St Andrew's Parish: James Fletcher will (1733); Wm. Poole, Elizabeth Tapley and Lucy Duke are witnesses.

1734 - William was paid by St. Andrew's Parish vestry for making window shutters and two outside doors for the church that he had completed in 1732.

1735 - William was a member of the Grand Jury on November 6, 1735 when they returned an indictment against Amy Mitchel for having a bastard child.

1736 - On March 2, 1736 William was a witness to the sale of 376 acres on the north side of Great Creek by John Evans and his wife, Elizabeth, of Brunswick County. The land was sold to William Browne Jr. of Surry County. The other witnesses were: Edward Cleaton and Hosea Tapley (Brunswick County, VA Deed Book 1, page 259).

1737 - William Pool, "Joyner", sold George Mabry 400 acres on the south side of the Nottaway River. William's wife, Elizabeth, was mentioned in the transaction. The deed was witnessed by H(inchia) Mabry, Jr., G. Mabry (most likely George Mabry, Jr.), and William Gilliam Jr. (Brunswick County, VA Deed Book 3, pages 430-433).

Location of Flat Creek, Virginia

1737 - On March 2, 1737 William bought 160 acres on Flatt Creek in Brunswick County from John Watson for a token sum. Flatt Creek is in the southern part of the county, south west of present day South Hill, Virginia near the North Carolina border. This probably indicates that his first wife, Elizabeth Tapley, had died, and William had married as his second wife, Elizabeth Watson, daughter of John Watson. Witnesses to the sale were: Lewis Parham, Michael Wall, and John Ballard (Brunswick County, VA Deed Book 1, page 430).

1740 - On October 6, 1740 Philip Roberts of St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick County sold 150 acres of land on the south side of the Roanoke River and the mouth of Grassy Creek for 15 pounds to Samuel Hudson of the same parish and county. William Poole and John Ballard were witnesses (Brunswick County, VA Deed Book 2, page 131).

1740 - John Ward of Brunswick County owned land on the south of Rose's Creek, described as adjoining the property of William Poole.

1744 - The October 31, 1744 Vestry records for St. Andrews Parish show William was paid for six bottles of claret wine.

Indenture made December 5, 1744, between Andrew Moreman of St. Andrew Parish, Brunswick County, and John Parker of same, 160, both side of Stoney Creek, same being granted to the said Andrew Moreman by Letters patent dated 1 March 1743. Signed Andrew Moreman (bhm). Witnesses: William Poole, John Taylor Duke, Andrew Hampton. Court September 5, 1745, Indenture acknowledged by Andrew Moreman. Deed Book 3, Page 68.

1746 - Indenture made April 29, 1746, between David Lucos and Denes Lark of Brunswick County, Whereas the said David by Indentrue bearing date the day before the date hereof for the Consideration therein expressed did bargain and sell unto the said Deness a Certain Tract or Parcel of Land with the appurtenances thereof Scituate lying &; being in the County of Brunswick Containing by Estimation two hundred acres be the same more or less and is bounded as in the said recited Indenture may appear Witnesseth that the sd. David Lucoss for 10, does release and confirm unto the said Deness Larke into his actual possession. Signed David Lucoss (bhm). Witnesses: Wm. Poole, John Ezell, David Dodd. Court May 1, 1746, Indenture acknowledged by David Lucoss. Deed Book 3, Page 179.

Indenture made April 29, 1746 between David Lucoss and Dennis Larke of Brunswick County, 5 Shillings, 200a. Signed David Lucoss (bhm). Witnesses: Wm. Poole, John Ezell, and David Dodd. Court May 5, 1746, Indenture acknowledged by David Lucas. Deed Book 3, Page 181.

1746 - The area where William lived became Lunenburg County, it was previously part of Brunswick County. The first court was held May 5, 1746.

1747 - William Pool was on a list of people recommended to Sir William Gooch Barronite, Lt. Governor, as fit to serve as Justice's of the Peace for Lunenburg County.

1748 - The May Court 1748 list of grand jurors included William Pool, joiner.

1748 - Lunenburg County list of tithables included William and his oldest son, Robert. A tithes list is a tax list. A son would be listed when he reached the age of 16-21, depending on current laws.

1749 -1751- The Lunenburg County list of tithes included William and his sons, Robert and William Jr.

1750 - One William Pool, Gentleman, produced a Commision from the Governor to be a Captain of the militia in Lunenburg County.

1750 - On June 1, 1750 William was granted 330 acres on both sides of Flatt Creek, adjoining his own property and James Mitchell's, bounded by the Mill Branch. Land grants could be obtained from the King of England through the colonial governors.

1750 - William received a grant for 87 acres on the lower side of Flatt Creek adjoining Amos Timms on November 3, 1750.

1751 - William was granted 178 acres on the upper side of Flatt Creek on April 10, 1751.

1752 - Lunenburg County tithe list included William and [his sons], Robert, William Jr., and Adam.

1752 - On May 8, 1752 William Pool deeded 100 acres on the south side of Flatt Creek to Robert Pool for love and affection. This was part of the 330 acres William was granted in 1750. Witnesses were: Samuel Bizwell, Ephraim Mabry, and William Pool Jr. William's wife, Elizabeth, released dower.

1752 - William Pool, 'joyner', sold 87 acres on the north side of Flatt Creek to William Bell, planter, for 15 pounds on June 1, 1752. The land adjoined the property of Amos Timms, Philip Roberts, and Adam Tarpley. Samuel Bizwell, William Pool Jr. and Ephraim Mabry, the husband of William's daughter, Mary were witnesses (recorded Deed Book 3, page 7).

1752 - William sold 175 acres on the upper side of Flatt Creek to John McLain of Brunswick County for 20 pounds. The deed was dated September 1, 1752 and the witnesses were: Samuel Bizwell, Thomas Roberts, and Robert Poole (Deed Book 3, page 56).

1753 - On March 1, 1753 William Poole deeded 50 acres on the north side of Flatt Creek to Richard Evans, son of Morris Evans, for love and affection. Witnesses were: Ephraim Maybry, Adam Tarpley (Tapley), and Robert Poole (Deed Book 3, page 224).

1755 - Captain William Poole and Samuel Manning were ordered to procession land. Processioning was verifying property boundaries. William's son, Adam, married Samuel Manning's daughter, Esther.

1757 - During the March 1757 Court, William and Adam are granted administration on the estate of Robert Pool, deceased (Order Book 4, page 268) .

1757 - On April 2, 1757 William sold 100 acres on Mill Branch of Flatt Creek adjoining Maclin to John Watson, Jr. for one pound for "love and affection." Witnesses were: Robert Bizwell, Rebekah Bizwell, and Adam Poole. Recorded May 7, 1757 (Deed Book 4, page 397).

1757 - William was a witness to several land sale by Samuel Holmes Sr. on June 30, 1757. Samuel sold land to Isaac Holmes, Samuel Holmes Jr., and to William Holmes. The other witnesses to the sales were: Thomas Taylor, Dennis Lark, and Joshua Mabry. Recorded July 5, 1757 (Deed Book 4, pages 492. 494, and 496).

1758 - Francis Lett sold land to John Lett on March 1, 1758. Witnesses were: William Poole, John Watson, and Samuel Manning. Recorded March 7, 1758 (Deed Book 5, page 107).

1758 - On June 2, 1758 William was granted 400 acres on Flatt Creek.

1758 - William Poole, joyner, sold Ephraim Mabry, planter, 100 acres on Flatt Creek for 30 pounds on July 3, 1758. Adam Poole, Benjamin Smith, and John Watson were witnesses. Recorded July 4, 1758 (Deed Book 5, page 250).

1758 - William Poole Sr. deeded 200 acres on the lower side of Flatt Creek to his son, Adam Poole, and another 200 acres on the lower side of Flatt Creek to his son, William Poole Jr., for love and affection on November 6, 1758. William's wife, Elizabeth, released her dower rights. The witnesses were: Ephraim Maybry, Adam Poole, William Poole Jr., and John Watson. Recorded November 7, 1758 (Deed Book 5, pages 331 and 333).

1759 - William is listed as a land owner on September 17, 1759 in Lunenburg County, Precinct 3. The Processioners were: Joshua Mabry, Dennis Larke, and Amos Timm Jr. Adam Pool was present at the processioning.

1762 - William sold 80 acres on both sides of Wolf Pit Run. This was part of the 330 acres granted him in 1750. Witnesses include William Jr.

1763 - John Watson's will mentions his son-in-law, William Poole. His will, dated March 6, 1763, was recorded on August 11, 1763 (Will Book 2, page 176).

1764 - Lunenburg County list of tithables lists William Pool with 2 tithes and 100 acres and William Pool Jr. with one tithe and 50 acres.

1765 - The area where William lived became Mecklenburg County, it was previously part of Lunenburg County. The first court was held March 11, 1765.

1765 - William Pool, Thomas Taylor, and Ephraim Mabry were listed as appraisers for the estate of Lewis Tanner in Mecklenburg County on October 31, 1765. Recorded July 14, 1766 (Will Book I, page 22).

1767 - On April 17, 1767 William Pool, Thomas Taylor and Goodwyn Taylor signed the inventory of the estate of Roger Tillman. Recorded August 10, 1767 (Will Book I, page 38).

1767 - On November 4, 1767, William Poole sold 150 acres on the north side of Flatt Creek near Mill Branch. Ephraim Mabry was a witness.

1767 - William was granted 400 acres on both sides of Mill Branch of Flatt Creek, adjoining Robertson and Manning.

1768 - On March 12, 1768 William Poole Sr. sold 30 acres on the west side of Flatt Creek to John Watson [sale was to John Jr. as John Sr. died about 1763] for 5 pounds. Elizabeth, William's wife, gave consent. Witnesses were: James Blanks Daws, William's married daughter, Jane Cleaton, and Sarah Daws. Recorded March 14, 1768 (Deed Book 1, page 539).

1774 - William Poole, Sr., Walter Poole, and William Cleaton sold 100 acres on Flatt Creek adjacent to land of William Poole, Jr., Isaac Watson, and William Cleaton, Jr. The sale was to Crawford and Company of Glasgow.

He was married to Elizabeth TAPLEY about 1726 in Brunswick County, VA. Elizabeth TAPLEY died before 1737 in Brunswick County, VA. William "The Joyner" POOLE, Sr. and Elizabeth TAPLEY had the following children:

+2 i. Robert POOLE.

+3 ii. Mary POOLE.

+4 iii. William POOLE Jr.

+5 iv. POOLE.

+6 v. Adam POOLE Sr.

+7 vi. Elizabeth POOLE.

+8 vii. Jane POOLE.

He was married to Elizabeth WATSON (daughter of ) about 1737 in Brunswick County, VA. John Watson's will, dated March 6, 1763, and proved August 11, 1763, names William Poole as his son-in-law. William "The Joyner" POOLE, Sr. and Elizabeth WATSON had the following children:

+9 i. Walter "Cooper" POOLE RS.


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