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1391. Janelle Marie STANLEY.

She was married to Jerry Louis GOLD. Janelle Marie STANLEY and Jerry Louis GOLD had the following children:

1548 i. Jim GOLD. He died.

1549 ii. John GOLD. He died.

+1550 iii. Ginger Ellen GOLD.

+1551 iv. Gregory Louis GOLD.

1552 v. Jeremy Grant GOLD.

1392. Susan Jane STANLEY.

She was married to Marcus Lee BROESCHE. Susan Jane STANLEY and Marcus Lee BROESCHE had the following children:

1553 i. Marsha Lynne BROESCHE.

1393. Betsy Rose STANLEY.

She was married to David Fred MATTHIES. Betsy Rose STANLEY and David Fred MATTHIES had the following children:

1554 i. Heidi MATTHIES.

1555 ii. Wyatt Christian MATTHIES.

1556 iii. Megan Rose MATTHIES.

1557 iv. Lance David MATTHIES.

1394. David Joe STANLEY.

He was married to Linda Ann GASKAMP. David Joe STANLEY and Linda Ann GASKAMP had the following children:

1558 i. Jonathon David STANLEY.

1559 ii. Michelle Ann STANLEY.

1560 iii. Jessica Nicole STANLEY.

1395. Ronnie Jerome STANLEY.

He was married to Gail Lynn OEVERMANN. Ronnie Jerome STANLEY and Gail Lynn OEVERMANN had the following children:

1561 i. Elizabeth Jo STANLEY.

1562 ii. Jared Paul STANLEY.

1397. Timmy LANGHAM.

He was married to Rachel SYMANK.

1398. Lisa Lynn Memory LANGHAM.

She was married to Mark Aaron PROSKE. Lisa Lynn Memory LANGHAM and Mark Aaron PROSKE had the following children:

1563 i. Macain Mark Aaron PROSKE.

1399. Robert W. TAYLOR.

Robert W. TAYLOR and Myrtle SPIVA had the following children:

+1564 i. Alice TAYLOR.

1412. {Private}

1565 i. {Private}

1414. {Private}

1566 i. {Private}

+1567 ii. {Private}

1415. {Private}

1568 i. {Private}

1416. {Private}

1569 i. {Private}

1418. {Private}

1570 i. {Private}

1571 ii. {Private}

1421. Vicki WHITFIELD.

1425. Janice POOL. Janice and her husband lived in Greer, South Carolina in 1992.

She was married to FORT.

1431. Lillian Maylene RICHARDSON.

She was married to David Maurice ALLEN. Lillian Maylene RICHARDSON and David Maurice ALLEN had the following children:

1572 i. Joseph David ALLEN.

1573 ii. Stacey ALLEN.

She was married to Elbert COOK.

1432. Curtis Freeman POOL Jr.

He was married to Kathy Ann MORRIS. Curtis Freeman POOL Jr. and Kathy Ann MORRIS had the following children:

1574 i. William Curtis POOL.

1434. Gregory Joe POOL.

He was married to Alisa BERRY. Gregory Joe POOL and Alisa BERRY had the following children:

1575 i. Zachary Joseph POOL.

1435. Meredith Lynn POOL.

She was married to Steve BARTH. Meredith Lynn POOL and Steve BARTH had the following children:

1576 i. Kellie Amanda BARTH.

1449. Edgar Cecil "Eddie" MCMICHEN. Eddie lived in Orlando, Orange County, Florida.

He was married to Isla COWART.

1451. Catherine Elizabeth MCNAIR.

She was married to Robert W. BENNETT.

1453. John Paul POOL.

He was married to Ruth Clara FARRAR.

He was married to Sandra Sue FARMER.

1454. Alfred POOL.

Alfred POOL had the following children:

1577 i. Lauri POOL. Laurie lived in New York City in 1992.

1455. Laura Jean POOL.

She was married to AUSTIN.

1456. Carla Leigh WHEELER.

She was married to William Francis WOODS Jr. (son of William Francis WOODS and Doris Monteen TEAGUE). William Francis WOODS Jr.. Carla Leigh WHEELER and William Francis WOODS Jr. had the following children:

1457 i. William Francis WOODS III.

1460. Daniel Brown SMITHERMAN Jr.

He was married to Madeline Ann PERRIN. He was divorced from Madeline Ann PERRIN. Daniel Brown SMITHERMAN Jr. and Madeline Ann PERRIN had the following children:

1578 i. Amy Marie SMITHERMAN.

1579 ii. Stephen Daniel SMITHERMAN.

He was married to Dana LEWIS.

1461. Deborah Kay SMITHERMAN.

She was married to Arthur LENAHAN Jr.

1462. Thomas Jefferson HAMNER Jr.

He was married to Anne Francis WEIR.

1464. Terri Lynn LEGRONE.

She was married to Daniel Ray LIVINGSTON Jr.

1465. Brenda Joyce LEGRONE.

She was married to William Alexander RICKETT. Brenda Joyce LEGRONE and William Alexander RICKETT had the following children:

1580 i. Robert Donald RICKETT.

1468. James Thomas BAKER.

He was married to Belinda Jo BARBER. He was divorced from Belinda Jo BARBER. Belinda Jo BARBER. She has the girls. James Thomas BAKER and Belinda Jo BARBER had the following children:

1581 i. Hanna Joel BAKER.

1582 ii. Lauren Victoria BAKER.

1469. Kimberly Aliese FIELDS.

She was married to Bill MCKNIGHT. She was divorced from Bill MCKNIGHT.

She was married to Scott HUFFMAN. She was divorced from Scott HUFFMAN. Scott HUFFMAN. Kimberly Aliese FIELDS and Scott HUFFMAN had the following children:

1583 i. Phillip Alexander HUFFMAN.

1470. Leah Patricia FIELDS.

She was married to Thomas OSMENT.

1474. Deborah Lynn JOHNSON.

She was married to Michael PATE. Deborah Lynn JOHNSON and Michael PATE had the following children:

1584 i. Melanie Nicole PATE.

1585 ii. Jamie PATE.

1586 iii. Catherine Pate PATE.

1476. Cynthia COOK.

She was married to Timothy HOUSE. Cynthia COOK and Timothy HOUSE had the following children:

1587 i. Warner HOUSE.

1482. Martha Susan HERRINGTON.

She was married to James Ravon SANSING. James Ravon SANSING. Martha Susan HERRINGTON and James Ravon SANSING had the following children:

1588 i. Nelson Ray SANSING.

1589 ii. Tyler James SANSING.

1483. Mary Alice HERRINGTON.

She was married to David Fillmore STOUGH. David Fillmore STOUGH. Mary Alice HERRINGTON and David Fillmore STOUGH had the following children:

1590 i. Stacy Amanda STOUGH.

1591 ii. Nathan Travis STOUGH.

1485. Louis Herbert LACKEY III.

He was married to Charlotte Elizabeth HAMMONDS.

1486. Chuck POWELL.

He was married to Emily Boyd BOWDOIN.

1487. Barbara Keri BALL.

She was married to Michael FARLER.

1490. Jeffrey Lynn BEARD Jr.

He was married to Lisa OLLIPHANT. Jeffrey Lynn BEARD Jr. and Lisa OLLIPHANT had the following children:

1592 i. Steven Jeffrey BEARD.

1491. Matthew Sean BEARD.

1509. Cecil Ray HODGE.

He was married to Jan Lynn MILLER.

1510. Carolyn Fay HODGE.

She was married to Michael Wayne MANSHACK. She was divorced from Michael Wayne MANSHACK.

1513. Gerald Miles CRAVEN Jr.

He was married to Linda MANCHAC. Gerald Miles CRAVEN Jr. and Linda MANCHAC had the following children:

1593 i. Gerald Miles CRAVEN III.

1514. Stanley Keith CRAVEN.

He was married to Malinda SOILEAU. Stanley Keith CRAVEN and Malinda SOILEAU had the following children:

1594 i. Alese CRAVEN.

1595 ii. Alexa Rae CRAVEN.

1517. Cynthia Celine CRAVEN.

She was married to Tommy PRICE. Cynthia Celine CRAVEN and Tommy PRICE had the following children:

1596 i. Tommy Blake PRICE.

She was married to BARBER. Cynthia Celine CRAVEN and BARBER had the following children:

1597 i. Brittany Celine BARBER.


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