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Some Descendants of Robert Wiley Poole & Ancestors of Rex Addison



272. Janet Elizabeth CLARK was born in 1952.

Janet Elizabeth CLARK and Conny THOMAS had the following children:

475 i. Jerrie Elizabeth THOMAS was born in 1970.

476 ii. Rachael Micheal THOMAS was born in 1975.

273. Barbara Ann CLARK was born in 1953.

Barbara Ann CLARK and William SUDDUTH had the following children:

477 i. Jason Monroe SUDDUTH was born in 1974.

478 ii. Terri Lynn SUDDUTH was born in 1976.

274. James Alan CLARK was born in 1955.

James Alan CLARK and Mabel ??? had the following children:

479 i. James Alan CLARK, Jr. was born in 1977.

276. John Micheal MILLER was born in 1953.

John Micheal MILLER and Brenda Joyce JORDAN had the following children:

480 i. John Marcus MILLER was born in 1970.

481 ii. Gregory Lyle MILLER was born in 1973.

277. Tonie Arlene Millern MILLER was born in 1954.

Tonie Arlene Millern MILLER and Terrance F. JONES Sr had the following children:

482 i. Terrance F. JONES, Jr. was born in 1969.

483 ii. Scarlette Suzanne JONES was born in 1973.

484 iii. Elbert Bartholomew JONES was born in 1976.

279. Vickie Lynette MILLER was born in 1960.

Vickie Lynette MILLER and David DeWayne TRIPPS had the following children:

485 i. Katherine Lynette TRIPPS was born in 1976.

312. Theresa Ann HELMS was born on 18 May 1952.

Alvin BRYANT was born on 21 Oct 1946. Theresa Ann HELMS and Alvin BRYANT had the following children:

486 i. Amanda Raye BRYANT was born on 14 Jun 1980.

487 ii. Richard Cameron BRYANT was born on 12 Apr 1982.

313. Mariea Nanette HELMS was born on 6 Jan 1956.

Johnny STINSON was born on 6 Nov 1954. Mariea Nanette HELMS and Johnny STINSON had the following children:

488 i. Anthony Trey STINSON was born on 27 Jun 1972.

489 ii. ??? STINSON was born in Apr 1985.

314. Debra Denise HELMS was born on 28 Jan 1957.

Eddie INGRAM was born on 7 Aug 1952. Debra Denise HELMS and Eddie INGRAM had the following children:

490 i. Jennifer Elaine INGRAM was born on 17 Feb 1977.

491 ii. James Edward INGRAM Jamie was born on 24 Mar 1979.

315. Shirley Jeanine HELMS was born on 7 Apr 1959.

Steve BAZZELL was born on 13 Nov 1958. Shirley Jeanine HELMS and Steve BAZZELL had the following children:

492 i. Layla Llean BAZZELL was born on 2 Apr 1978.

493 ii. Stephanie Yvonne BAZZELL was born on 8 Oct 1981.

494 iii. ??? BAZZELL was born in Mar 1985.

317. Trebor Jule BULLARD was born on 27 Dec 1965.

Billy COX was born on 8 Mar 1963. Trebor Jule BULLARD and Billy COX had the following children:

495 i. Amanda Kae COX was born on 13 Jul 1983.

496 ii. ??? COX was born in Oct 1984.

320. Donna GRIER was born on 3 Jun 1959.

Donna GRIER and James Edward MOORE had the following children:

497 i. Jamie MOORE was born on 28 Mar 1978.

498 ii. Bridget Dianne MOORE was born on 25 Jul 1980.

334. Pamela Ann DAVIS was born on 27 Mar 1954.

She was married to Russell SULLIVAN on 18 Nov 1972. Pamela Ann DAVIS and Russell SULLIVAN had the following children:

499 i. Kathy Lynn SULLIVAN was born on 29 Jun 1973.

500 ii. David Scott SULLIVAN.

335. Terry Lynn DAVIS was born on 31 Jul 1955.

She was married to Bruce BERUBE on 10 Mar 1973. Terry Lynn DAVIS and Bruce BERUBE had the following children:

501 i. Laurie Ann BERUBE was born on 1 Sep 1973.

358. Joan Carolyn OZMENT was born on 8 Jan 1943.

She was married to John Frank YOUNG on 31 Jan 1959. John Frank YOUNG was born on 2 May 1938. Joan Carolyn OZMENT and John Frank YOUNG had the following children:

502 i. Teresa Carol YOUNG was born on 19 Oct 1959.

503 ii. Jacqueline Renee YOUNG was born on 20 Dec 1962.

She was married to Jesse Lee FORSYTHE on 13 May 1965. Jesse Lee FORSYTHE was born on 13 Jan 1931. Joan Carolyn OZMENT and Jesse Lee FORSYTHE had the following children:

504 i. Rodney Lee FORSYTHE was born on 2 Jan 1966.

359. Cheryl Yvonne OZMENT was born on 11 Jul 1945.

She was married to Charles Franklin LUTHER on 21 Jan 1961. Charles Franklin LUTHER was born on 18 Feb 1941. Cheryl Yvonne OZMENT and Charles Franklin LUTHER had the following children:

505 i. Shawana Lee LUTHER was born on 8 Sep 1964.

She was married to Clarence Ezra CREWS on 31 Jan 1969. Cheryl Yvonne OZMENT and Clarence Ezra CREWS had the following children:

506 i. Soyna Lynn CREWS was born on 31 Oct 1970.

360. Victoria Lynn OZMENT was born on 24 Sep 1949.

She was married to William Earl WILLIAMS on 1 Nov 1968. Victoria Lynn OZMENT and William Earl WILLIAMS had the following children:

507 i. Carol Ann WILLIAMS was born on 12 Apr 1972.

508 ii. William Brandon WILLIAMS was born on 4 Mar 1976.

361. David Berry OZMENT was born on 21 May 1952.

He was married to Crystal HAND on 6 Mar 1971. Crystal HAND was born on 7 Sep 1956. David Berry OZMENT and Crystal HAND had the following children:

509 i. Kimberly Ann OZMENT was born on 27 Sep 1971.

510 ii. David Scott OZMENT was born on 11 Feb 1976.

400. Thomas Russell PHATUROS was born on 22 Sep 1956.

Thomas Russell PHATUROS and Tracee BENTLEY had the following children:

511 i. Meghan Cathleen PHATUROS was born on 17 Jan 1983.

402. Laurie Ann PHATUROS was born on 5 Mar 1960.

She was married to James GOSDIN in 1982. Laurie Ann PHATUROS and James GOSDIN had the following children:

512 i. Jason Lee GOSDIN was born on 10 Jan 1984.

406. Barbara Lynn ROBERTSON was born on 8 Sep 1956.

Barbara Lynn ROBERTSON and Bobby CAMPBELL had the following children:

513 i. Nathan CAMPBELL was born on 4 Apr 1981.

514 ii. Gretchen CAMPBELL was born on 27 Apr 1982.


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