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The information listed here was posted to the mailing list in March 1999 by Jayne Harrelson. The Bible that this information was extracted from, came from a Bible that used to belong to the Poole family of Spartanburg, South Carolina. The Bible was purchased sometime in the 1800's at an estate sale by her great grandfather, George Lowe, and became the Lowe Family Bible.

The following entries were transcribed from the Family Record page of the Bible:

John Rufus Poole was born the 9th Febry 1829.

Amanda Emma Carothers was born the 10th April 1830.

John Rofs Poole was born December 12, 1851.

Robert Coleman Poole was born 5 July, 1854.

William Rufus Poole was born 28th October 1855.

John Henry Poole was born Feb. 3, 1858.

Robert Cleveland Poole was born Jan 5th, 1861.

J. Rufus Poole and Amanda E. Carothers were married the 21st November, 1848.